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Product Shoot

We’ve been working day and night continuously to provide the best product photography service. When you are associated with us, you get best quality product photos quickly and cheaply. We desire to be your product photographer and we’re always willing to help. Contact us today and let’s get things rolling!


Model Photography

Mediavilla prides itself on its own professional studios to provide faster, brand-centric product photography that improves merchandising, lowers return rates and promotes high consumer engagement.

We can handle every process from our side, from prepping your products and booking models from top agencies to optimizing your images for the web.

Our approach is meant for maximum collaboration. We cater to your vision, carefully developing style guides with your team and encouraging you to participate in photoshoot (either onsite or via remote viewing). The result is a consistently high-quality representation of your unique brand identity.

model photography service
360 degree photography

360° Products

360 Degree image product assist customers in visualizing, understanding products and increasing conversions.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequins are used for Apparel Shoots without models:

  • Invisible mannequin or ‘3D cut out’ shots show the garment as it might be worn
  • Creating a realistic simulation which shows your label and lining
  • Close up pictures of the key areas highlights the design details
  • Rear shots are provided in the same format
  • Final product can be placed on background color of your choice
ghost mannequin photography
image retouching

Image Retouching

We have a photo editing professional to handle the processing of e-commerce photography to accommodate this workflow.

We custom adapt and coordinate these processes individually for each customer. Our in-house color management makes it possible for us to show your products in high fidelity colors.

Our in-house capacities makes it possible to deliver shop-ready photographs even more quickly and efficiently.  During this whole process, the images are subjected to continuous quality checks

Location Shoot

We offer on spot location shoot as a solution for the shoot of expensive and delicate products.

  • On spot shoot is ideal for shoot of larger items
  • On spot shoot is also valuable for multiple large scale ecommerce brands who can’t store goods and need shoots to be undertaken at local vendor outlets/warehouses
  • On spot shoot is possible for both product and model shoot.
location photoshoot

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